@BeingBettr Asks #3

@BeingBettr Asks #3

@BeingBettr Asks is our brand new series. Thoughtful questions to inspire you. Be a part of it and share your thoughts (answers it in comments). Discuss, learn from other answers. Most importantly ask yourself!

Today’s Question: In one word, what’s standing between you and your biggest goal?

Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! πŸ™‚

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38 thoughts on “@BeingBettr Asks #3

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      • i have no goals, Brother, and very few problems, luckily, except for medical conditions. i’m happy with kind family and friends and with my writing efforts – if people like what i have to say, that’s fine and if they don’t that’s their choice ..either way, i go on with the 8 or 10 years i have left and i have no desire or ambition to be famous in any way.

        Best Always

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    • I guess John haven’t properly attributed either he is speaking about goal or the barrier. Over to you, is it goal or barrier? which one you don’t have?

      Its pretty much confusing for me to guess what are you guys excluding?

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! πŸ™‚


    • Autism, I really liked your answer. It used to happen with my mom. But until and unless I made her feel – to gain something you have to lose something. To be true, it was her words, when I was 12.

      So, at a particular time in life we seriously had to start living for ourselves and we had to stop doing things (which may or may not be good for the moment, but you can takeaway with it) and start doing what we want to. For the goals!

      I hope this might give you up boost to start living for you goal. I can see the time is not far, where you will be with your dreamed goal. Smiling with it! Holding it with your those bare hands!

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr!


  2. Money. As my wise old grandmother said, “You have to have money to make money.” In the 49 years since she said that, I have pretty much determined that it’s true, which explains why the rich get richer, the middle class make little progress, and the poor have no chance whatsoever.


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