DIY Stain Removal Guide

DIY Stain Removal Guide

My Story: Accident Happens

Last night my new shirt and coffee didn’t played well together! 😦 What is more pleasing I quickly managed to remove that “sticky” stain. 🙂

Hell Yeah! Tstain on my shirto your surprise, I did it at the same moment.

Otherwise it would be hard as — “hell” to get rid of it. Phew! that really is one of my favorite shirt (My Dad gifted it to me on my birthday, previous 18th of June).

Fortunately, these accidents tends to happen at hotels. My good luck was cold water, detergent and white vinegar was available there. So, I was able to get rid of it instantly. There are as of today no permanent marks on it.


Like me at the hotel, you would not be that lucky all the time. Thanks to Yumi Sakugawa’s Stain Removal Guide. No matter how lucky you are, stains happens. With the help of common ingredients you will be able to clean up the nasty stains quite effectively. Make sure to Act Fast!

Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂

(click to enlarge)
6 Easy Recipes for Removing Nasty Stains


12 thoughts on “DIY Stain Removal Guide

  1. Those tips are so useful. Thank you, Swetank. I will keep a note of them, as am not keen on using nasty chemicals to remove stains.
    I have some Fairy laundry soap that works quite well on stains, too. You dampen the soap bar a tiny bit, then rub a waxy layer of it onto the stain and put the garment in the washing machine and wash it with your usual laundry powder. The stain usually gets lifted out during the wash.


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