The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

What do scientist know about people in happy relationship? I guess a lot!

Read the infographic from top to bottom, to discover the science behind a happy relationship. Follow it, apply it and see results.

Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂

(click to enlarge)The Science Behind a Happy Relationship


16 thoughts on “The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

  1. What can I tell? The Brits don’t love their babies or what? How could it be possible?… I guess that I surrounded myself with mostly positive people then… Majority of the young couples I know have 1-5 kiddies and express their love to their spouses ( both husbands and wives) on Facebook often. I sure know about a thousand people, and only 4 of them got divorced in the last two years…


  2. Of course they a better than average. Everyone should grow taller and become better than average during their life. And when a family have children and cannot wait until they grow up and disappear, they produce another generation of unhappy people. Break this circle, be bettr than that:)

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    • Completely agree!! Breaking the circle would definitely be beneficial and it is important in all respects. Thank you once again for shredding light to this topic. I am more than happy to start Being Bettr. I got so much to learn from everyone out there. More than anyone it truly had changed, improved me and my thoughts and lifestyle.

      So much, so much to learn from you guys and gals and to share. Thank you once again by hear for being here and supporting my friend Inese. If my blog Being Bettr could inspire and improve a single person out there it will be honor. Thank you!!

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! Inese.

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  3. Well, my daughter is aged 33 and my son is 28 and they’re still my big babies. I don’t think parenting ever ends if you love your offspring. Now I have a granddaughter of 12 and a grandson of 5, so more children for me to love.

    I agree that friendship is the most important thing between a married couple. If it’s all sex and passion and no friendship, then there’s nothing to sustain it once the initial rush of crazy passion has settled down to something more sane. Sometimes people move on to this stage and realise they have nothing in common and don’t really like each other. I guess that’s when they part company, but it’s a shame if this happens after they’ve produced children.

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    • Thanks for adding your valuable inputs Sarah! I agree, that friendship is must than any other thing. A family that eats together and prays together, stays together. Appreciate it!

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂

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  4. This is fantastic! We would totally agree with so much of this. Having been together since 1979 ( I believe the dinosaurs just stopped roaming the earth then) we concur with many of the points. Being good friends, laughing, celebrating each other’s interests and successes…all great things. Wonderful; post!


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