15 Most Useful Website Links to Remember

16 Most Useful Website Links to Remember

There are times when you want to accomplish a simple task you have to mess around a lot. Below are 15 most useful websites, which will come in handy so that you won’t mess around.

Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂

  1. cloudconvert.org – Convert almost anything to anything online.
  2. oldversion.com – Get old version of any software.
  3. duckduckgo.com – A more safer way to search the internet.
  4. whatismyip.com – Find out your I.P. address.
  5. tlk.io – A simple way to web chat.
  6. spreeder.com – Improve Reading Speed and Comprehension.
  7. goo.gl – Long url shortner by Google.
  8. newsmap.jp – Popular news from all over the world.
  9. join.me – Instant screen sharing with VoIP.
  10. giveawayoftheday.com – Download a free software everyday.
  11. wolframalpha.com – An intelligent computational system for anything.
  12. superuser.com – Get solution to you computer problems.
  13. time.is – Get the perfect time of your location.
  14. gmail.com – HTML version of Gmail to load faster.
  15. 365psd.com – Download a free psd every day.

28 thoughts on “15 Most Useful Website Links to Remember

    • I do use duckduckgo often, the thing I like about, it gives you non-personalized search results. It do not tracks you for first, second they don’t sell you search data to 3rd parties. There is many thing I like about them, but the mentioned ones are my preferred ones. What about you?


      • So far, I’ve mostly used google but I’m totally sick of all that tracking they do. For instance, I might be doing a search of shoes (I like shoes!) and the next thing that happens is that those shoes are following me all around the internet, flashing at me in adverts on totally unrelated sites. It’s so, so annoying. Normally, I do a Cclean to get rid of all the cookies and history when I sign out of firefox, but would rather not have to do so many cleans just to send the shoes, or whatever, packing!

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      • If not so, then the extension know as Adblocker will come in handy. It blocks ads from almost every page on the internet. I am using and it does works like magic!!! Will be waiting for your reply! 🙂

        Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂


      • Hi Sarah,

        All the very best for the test. I am sure you will see the glorious change! Beside that, the main work of it to block ads from every page.. you must be experiencing it since the time of install. Do let me know, will be eagerly waiting to hear from you. Take care of your health!! 🙂

        Be Bettr, Stay Bettr!! 🙂

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      • I tried the Adblocker Plus for a few days and, yes, it did block the adverts but then it slowed down my browsing experience and websites started timing out or wouldn’t load at all. Directly I removed the Adblocker, things returned to normal and I was pursued by shoes again!

        The moral of that tale — if a lady doesn’t spend hours searching for shoes online, not only will she get more work done but she won’t need Adblocker!

        Thanks for the suggestion, though. It might work for some people.


    • Serving to people and mankind is duty of every person in this earth sis Semra, I am doing that just only!! Whereas Internet is now a big part of human society, so it should be on my topic. Always thank you for your support always! 🙂 Have a great weekend ahead sister. Keep smiling!! 😀 😀

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂


  1. When it comes to surfing the web, Brother Swetank, i have so much to learn, so so much, so your advice and links here are an eye-opener to me and i thank you sincerely for your research and for your sharing.
    Ever my best to you

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    • Hi Brother John, How are you doing? I hope everything is well there.

      Thank you so so much for your kind comment, Brother John, always appreciate it!! 🙂 Always love to serve and share what I know to you and everyone. As my the only motive since start of this blog is to make each and everyone a better person in life and every field. So, because of this motive I keep writing and educating. That’s all. Thank you for all the support since start my brother. Thank you!! 🙂

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂


  2. Terrific links, Swetank. The free software link is really good (who’d say no to a freebie) and the newsmap.jp link was so impressive, and useful to my line of blogging work, that I’ve now added it as a ‘useful site’ on my own blog. Thanks for digging these up!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Vijay,

      Glad to hear that you found 2 helpful things. As always, I love to serve you all. Thanks for being here and for the feedback. Would love to hear more from you soon! 🙂 Do let me know your experience with others.

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂


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