12 Free Software Worth Downloading

12 Free Software Worth Downloading

The best things in the world are free. So there are many free software that deserves a home on your computer. Below is the list of 12 free software that worth downloading.

  1. Malware-Bytes – Protects you from online threats that antivirus can’t detect.
  2. F.lux – Helps your eyes by changing screen’s temperature throughout the day.
  3. Bing Desktop – Shuffles wallpapers from Bing for your desktop.
  4. Recuva – Recovers almost any deleted files from your hard disk.
  5. TOR – Surf the Internet anonymously.
  6. Windows On Top –Β Keeps a specific Window on top of all others.
  7. BlueScreenView – Displays the information about all crashes ofΒ blue screen of death.
  8. Ditto – A better Windows clipboard manager.
  9. HandBrake –Β converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.
  10. Jing – A little incredible screenshot app, a screencast app and a sharing app.
  11. Dark Room – A full screen, distraction free, writing environment.
  12. TeraCopy – Copy and move files at the maximum possible speed.

24 thoughts on “12 Free Software Worth Downloading

  1. Brother Swetank,
    You are incredible! How do you manage to come up with these great ideas?
    AS you know, i’m semi-literate at best when it comes to these techy/IT matters so i learn a great deal from your posts.
    It’s so generous of you to share these valuables.
    My best to you, Brother

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brother John, that’s so nice of you buddy! I just share what I love. I hope I’m on the right track! Don’t worry I am always there to help you. Being Bettr, will also concentrate on technology and techy post. As they are part of our lives and surely we cannot neglect them. It better to have the knowledge. Thank you for your incredible support! Always!

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! πŸ™‚


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