The Daily Water Chart

This chart show the requirement of water in a day by a person as per his/her weight.

Right-click to save it to your device. Stick to wall of your room to follow it.

The Daily Water Chart (Being Bettr)

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12 thoughts on “The Daily Water Chart

  1. When i lived in the desert for ten years and now that i live in the tropics i’ve learned to drink glass after glass of water every day; hydration is essential for the functioning of everything in the body.
    Brother Swetank, you’re special.
    My best to you

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    • I didn’t knew you used to live in desert. Are you serious? If yes, where?

      Yes, living in a deserted area requires more fluid intake to stay hydrated. Well if that’s your habit. You are in right track!! Good Brother! Keep it up!


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    • Hi Sarah,

      That’s a good question. Well, as you see water from fruits and other sources contain minute amount of fluid. Which is not sufficient to fulfil your actual body need. So the correct answer is pure water. You will have to take separate pure water along with tea and fruits.

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr!

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