30 Tips to Stay Healthy for Ages

30 Tips to Stay Healthy for Ages

Life is not as always as you expect. Health should be a top priority on your list. Being healthy leads to great productivity and happy living. Health is wealth!

Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂

  1. Eat less. Try consuming less, it has an incredible effect.
  2. Go Outdoors. Visit park, stay under the sun for minutes (Vitamin D).
  3. Brush Teeth. Don’t miss it. Otherwise those gems will not shine.
  4. Stop Smoking. It hurts to your body and environment; Slowly!
  5. Drink Water. I don’t need to say this. Be sure to get at least 8-glasses. Yes everyday!
  6. Learn Nutrition. Went to a shop? Make sure you calculated the nutrition information below the pack.
  7. Socialize. You will share experience. What works for them and for you.
  8. Use aluminium foils. They aren’t only for kid’s lunch-box. Aluminium keeps away germs and bacteria from destroying your food.
  9. Get Hand Sanitiser. Wash your hands before each and every meal and throughout the day.
  10. Prepare your own food. Being healthy starts with eating healthy. Sharp Up your cooking skills.
  11. Sing Songs. In shower, on subway, or alone but not in library.
  12. Chew it. I recommend at least 32 times. (Scientific reasons).
  13. Don’t Wash it. Wash fruits and vegetables before cutting. Don’t do it after; otherwise it’ll drain its nutrients.
  14. Breath Deeply. Do you need to pay for breathing? So take deep breaths every possible time. Your 2 lovely lungs will feel good.
  15. Sleep more. But Not that much (6-9 hrs will be enough). Take power naps.
  16. Eat Healthy. Seriously are you still wasting your money on junks? Change it. (See Tip #10).
  17. Exercise Hard. Be Superman, so you will live ages.
  18. Meditate. Relax your mind. Focus. Concentrate.
  19. Don’t miss breakfast. It seriously affects your health. Miss anything but not this.
  20. Turn Off this device. Don’t strain your eyes. I’ll feel bad. Print it and read it on paper.
  21. Stop Drinking Alcohol. Its not good for your heart.
  22. Laugh Often. Watch comedy shows. Make your belly cry.
  23. Take Shower. Don’t let viruses and bacteria make it their home.
  24. Get a Good Sneaker. Your irony legs will love it.
  25. Take Stairs. That’s what I call an excuse exercise.
  26. Use lift. Warning: Recommended only for grandpas and grandmas. Otherwise use above tip.
  27. Use body lotion. It protects your body from UV rays and harmful environmental particles.
  28. Don’t skip meals. Set up foods you can eat on the run.
  29. Take Herbs. Natural and organic things works great than any other.
  30. Work Hard. At last work hard and earn you life. Play hard, Eat hard.

10 thoughts on “30 Tips to Stay Healthy for Ages

  1. One, ten, twenty-one and twenty-two are my absolute favourites. Great list, Swetank, great list. i’m afraid there are a few on your list i don’t follow but that doesn’t matter, the list overall is genuinely worthwhile. Well done!

    (to answer a question you asked me the other day – my blog doesn’t allow more than one reply to any one specific message – i do write something every day but most of it i throw away..and for me, that’s healthy)
    Best to you

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohh! I am glad you liked it. Everyone has different taste in life. You will soon come to experience the benefits of other as I have measure myself. Thank you!!

      So can do some settings which will surely work out to fix that comment issue. I can help on that, if you allow me to do so.

      For your reply I genuinely believe brother John that ideas are worth giving values, its upto you to filter it and bring it to your world. I am pretty much sure that the world will love your other works too. Please bring it on!!

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr!!
      Swetank. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Great list! I thought red wine could be good for your heart though? Too much alcohol is bad though. I also didn’t know that about aluminum foil, I’ll have to be sure to do that. Going to print this out and put it on my health board. I’m currently working with a nutritionist to be healthier. My schedule is so crazy at times that I end up eating only once a day and always a big dinner. Not good…so trying to fix it. Thanks again!


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