7 Videos to Improve Men Grooming Knowledge

Enhancing your grooming skill is not a bad sector to achieve excellence. This knowledge stays with you forever and comes useful lifelong.

Below is the list of 7 videos, which definitely will sharp-up your grooming skill and help you dress perfectly, each and every time.

  1. The Right Way to Wear a Shirt. Stylist Jon Patrick shows how to get the perfect men’s shirt fit.
  2. The Best Hairstyle For Your Face. Hair is the most important part of male dress code. Aaron Marino, teaches you how to find the best men’s hair style for your face shape.
  3. Roll Up your Shirt Sleeves (effectively). The usual way to roll up your shirt sleeves. So that they don’t just unroll themselves as you go.
  4. How To Iron A Shirt. Bet some of you doing it wrong. Make sure you get a perfectly ironed shirt every time.
  5. 10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong. Learn how to dress like a grown ass man.
  6. What Clothes Should a Guy Have? All guy should have a few key items in their wardrobe at all times. Find out what clothes a guy should wear by Danny Agnew.
  7. How to Wear Color. Get the rules and laws by Stylist Kimberly Seltzer to choose perfect color for you. Its Impressive!

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