9 Things to Do Daily that’ll Save Your Money

Frugal living is on trend. Living frugal not only saves your money, it allows you to spend less than you earn (living strategically) and you could invest those savings in profitable areas you desire.

Down the list, there are 9 simple money saving tips you can do daily that’ll help you save money.

To Readers: As always the list will be incomplete without your contribution, share us your thoughts about frugal living ideas that help you save more money.

  1. Save Energy. You pay for it that doesn’t mean you own it. Electricity, food, gas, water anything; switch off TV and play classic oldies board or card games. Save your money and help nature as well.
  2. Don’t Waste. Try to consume less and stay under limits. Planning for a movie? save $$ on it. Instead visit a park, explore library, call your grandparents, ride your bike, exercise or write a poem.
  3. Make your own Gifts. Gifts are precious because that are related with emotions. Give them a homemade touch. Instructables.com a DIY website which will help you create almost anything.
  4. 52 Week Money Challenge. Take this 52 week money challenge and save $1,378 at the end. more >>
  5. Get a 2nd Job. Got free time? improve your resume & get an another job. An easier way to save more is to earn more. Need ideas? Give classes, do blogging, become a babysitter, sell gifts (see #3).
  6. Excellent Tips by Warren Buffet. Follow some excellent tips by Warren Buffet. more >>
  7. Shop Off-season. The best part about shopping off-season is you get lots of discounts. Some uses this for Christmas. But you can apply it for anything. Like summer clothes, trending books and many other.
  8. Use Bicycles & Sell-off stuffs. Bicycles are one of the best way for transportation if you live nearby. It helps you stay fit and saves fuel. Health benefits of bicycling >> Emotionally based stuffs are hard to sell, but everything has its end; so does the human life. Sell it on eBay, amazon or in auction, you’ll be happy.
  9. Improve your life. If none of the above tips fits you and possibly you are a millionaire why not improve you daily life for free? more >> 

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