6 Ways to be a More Interesting Person In Life

“Interesting persons tends to achieve more in life than others.” will you agree? I expect a yes!

I have met, quite a few successful persons personally, spent more than a week with them, they are most renowned persons here in India. They are —successful, handle most —tedious tasks in their profession. Yet, their sense of humor is amazing. Having that much hard skill works they do, each and everyday.

Don’t do they get bored? or become uninteresting and dull natured? I had heard people saying, we need to have more fashion trending techniques to be an interesting one in the crowd. Is that so? Absolutely NO! —they achieve morelot more than others from their life.

I have been with them to offices, cafes, parks. They had magical power in them. Not sort of Harry Potter but yet enough to influence people around them, make things go viral, spread burst of happiness with whom they talk to.

I call them —

The Real Interesting Heroes of Life.”

During visits I have learned many thing from them. What are their thoughts,  how do they solve— a rocket-science type issues, their methodology of working and most importantly how do they became— most interesting person of their life and of the crowd around them.


If I will tell, that by reading the tips below you will become the most interesting person in the world, will it be true? Obviously no. I can’t guarantee you. But its enough to drive that spark in you, which will ignite the presented fuel inside you. Yes you, sorry! everyone got inside them!

So lets start—

1. Invest in Yourself.

Don’t just grow. Grow exponentially. Each year should feel better than the last. If you hit a ceiling, break it.

There are many areas you want to grow in. Start with running just a mile every day. Run, read, expand your knowledge. The more you know about what is going on in the world, the more you can contribute to conversations.

Interesting people can bring something new to a conversation.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
—Carl Bard


2. Innovate new Things.

Innovate new Ideas. Write something. Photograph something.

The more you do, the more stories you will have to share with others. Most importantly with— the world. Respect the ideas of others, better than rejecting it sit down with them and improve it.

Say “Yes” that any thing the world has to offer.

3. Improve Core Habits of Life.

You know the main reason that you are not an interesting person lies within you. No one can change it. Yes! No one. Except you.

Read it here: 9 Things to Do Daily that’ll Improve Your Life

4. Avoid Distractions in Superway.

Things that are useless are a kind of trap. It takes your time and returns you nothing!

Think ahead and make a list to what could be a distraction and try to distance yourself from it. Shut off your cell-phone. Outline what it is that needs to be done. It is pretty sure Interesting people stick to a routine and manages it effectively.

Take advantage of the sunlight outside and leave your TV for the night.

Don’t have time to incubate yourself? Make it. You own 100% of you.


5. Expect less and a Minimalist Life.

Look out to any Interesting person around. They don’t need anything to make their life better. They had everything within themselves.

Let’s us assume an example (but a fact too!!)— Is painter is an interesting person? Obviously Yes, they create enormously beautiful and creative arts. Will it matter to him if he is brought down to streets? take alway all his tools? Will that be an end of his painting? Hell No! Hand over him any place, paper, brushes, colors, situation, day, night any damn thing. He will be Inevitable.

Being a minimalist starts with the idea, that you are above material goods.


6. Have a cause.

If you don’t give a damn about anything, no one will give a damn about you. No need to be worry about perfecting everything, you will automatically make it as your experience will grow.

At the end—

Believe me, life is not about goal and destination to reach. Its all about journey. Believe in yourself and try to live every moment of your life.

“Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music – the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.
—Henry Miller


27 thoughts on “6 Ways to be a More Interesting Person In Life

    • Woof! Woof! thanks Rumpy for taking you time to read and comment. Absolutely, living in terms of what’s important is the best way for Dogs and as well as humans too.


    • Hi Brother John,

      Thanks for dropping by and time to read. It’s true that strong energy drives from you. You just need the proper time to ignite it. I am too happy for this generous friendship. Will looking forward to read more about you and hear from you. Keep visiting!

      Swetank (be Bettr, stay Bettr ) 🙂


    • Christy, thank you for your valuable views and comments. Have a great Sunday! Don’t forget to apply those tips 🙂

      Swetank, Be Bettr Stay Bettr.


  1. “Don’t just grow. Grow exponentially. Each year should feel better than the last. If you hit a ceiling, break it.” Completely agree and the hope I have for myself and my future clients. Great post and thanks for visiting my blog as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kellyann, thanks for quoting that out!! Not only I like your blog I loved it. Looking forward for more of your posts. I hope you enjoyed reading it and it helped you. Please, share goals for yourself and future clients. I and we all will love to hear your experience. 🙂

      Be Bettr, Stay Bettr!


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